Young Women's Global Leadership Certificate


Miss Porter’s School Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Certificate affords high school girls the opportunity and challenge to develop their own social enterprise to address pressing global issues. Through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, students will engage in a yearlong exploration of female leadership, empowerment, global citizenship, technology, and innovation in an area of their choosing. The Certificate is open to young women in grades 9-12 (or the equivalent) who are interested in an interdisciplinary approach to exploring institutions, processes, and diverse communities that shape our world. 

The program will be a combination of in-person workshops (when possible) as well as synchronous and asynchronous online learning with MPS faculty. The Certificate program will culminate in individual social enterprise proposals that students will present to students, faculty, and professionals in relevant fields across the world. 

Each student will explore:

  • personal identity and its impact on our perspectives and how we move through the world;
  • female leadership and individual leadership styles;
  • self-challenge and intellectual risk-taking;
  • navigating group decision-making and the roles they play; 
  • UN SDGs and Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • the impact of technology, innovation, and social entrepreneurship on young women globally;
  • individual beliefs and value systems;
  • design thinking as a process to impact global issues;
  • and particular global issues they feel passionate about and are relevant to their lives;

Each student will develop:

  • cross-cultural knowledge and communication skills;
  • the ability to think critically about global change; 
  • and a deeper understanding of the interconnected and interdependent nature of our world.

20-21 Cohort Showcase

Just Imagine

Just Imagine

A children’s educational activity subscription service called Just Imagine, which is available in Spain and will use a percentage of the income to provide the same educational activities for children in low-income families in Venezuela.


– Ana Carolina de Abreu

Green Madrid

Green Madrid

A website and an Instagram account called Green Madrid designed to inspire people to pay attention to where their trash goes, the effects it has on their local environment, and how to produce less of it.


– Laura Lievano Gonzales

Up for a Healthy Lifestyle

Up for a Healthy Lifestyle!

A smartphone app called Up for a Healthy Lifestyle! designed to incentivize young people to make better diet and exercise choices by providing a platform to connect, motivate each other, and share experiences.

– Julia Caro



A smartphone app to help immigrants navigate Madrid and available resources upon arrival. This app will provide information in various languages on administrative requirements, the support provided by local NGOs, contact details of associations.


– Claudia Liquiao Garcia Corbeira

The Talk

The Talk

An online hub for teenagers called The Talk to learn about sex-ed,
providing an alternative to the heteronormative approach taken in most schools.



– Alba de Moral


Fashion Pair

A smartphone app called FashionPair to scan your clothing labels to figure out what “grade” they have been assigned by the Baptist World Aid report which becomes a competition to see who owns the most ethical fashion pieces and who makes the best buying choices. The objective is to help teenage consumers take human rights and other ethical issues into consideration.

– Micaela Lesevic Velit



A smartphone app called GreenCo that incentivizes teenagers to take steps to reduce their impact on our planet and reverse climate change by making it a competition to see who can plant and grow a virtual tree the fastest.


– Claudia Huang Ren

How to Join the Certificate Program

We welcome individual students as well as cohorts of students from different schools to enroll in our Young Women’s Global Leadership Certificate. If you are a student or a faculty member or school administrator and would like to find out more information about this opportunity and/or would like to enroll as an individual or group, please reach out to Sophie Paris, Director of the Institute for Global Education, at