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The ChangeMaker's Institute

Our world is changing more rapidly than anyone could have imagined just a short year ago. 

Schools are Online

People are Unemployed

Inequities remain widespread globally

With a global pandemic spreading, stark racial and socioeconomic inequalities mounting, and climate change continuing to wreak havoc, and the institutions that govern our world are failing to solve these pressing problems. However, moments of upheaval and disruption provide opportunities to enact change, and we need young women to lead this change.  The time is now; the world needs you.

ChangeMaker’s Institute: Summer Session 2021

July 9th to August 6th
Fridays, 9-11:30 am EST

Are you passionate about social change? Join a diverse group of driven young women (15-18 years old ) from around the world to identify a shared vision for a better future.

Engage deeply in three areas of social change:

  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Education
  • Racial Justice

Summer Session participants will build on the work of our spring ChangeMaker’s Fellows by examining and improving their BluePrint strategies for change while connecting with key stakeholders on each of these three issues.

This is an incredibly unique opportunity for students to:

  • Develop a sense of shared purpose with other changemakers around the world
  • Understand what strategies most effectively create meaningful, lasting change
  • Deepen understanding and familiarity with systems thinking and collective impact as well as implementation planning
  • Learn how to build consensus among stakeholders to build BluePrints for change that include the perspectives of all people involved in the issue.
  • Gain an awareness of the importance of systems and policy change
  • Understand and develop your unique abilities and strengths in the changemaking arena

Application Deadline: June 1st

Cost: $200 USD

This 4-week program will use the change strategies created and developed by the Spring 2021 cohort of ChangeMakers Institute Fellows to guide our work. Each week, you will focus on a different BluePrint and area of social change. Students will conduct independent research, engage in weekly synchronous sessions as well as engage in asynchronous content to learn more about each topic and social change itself. Every Friday, you will meet as a group via Zoom to participate in a consensus building workshop with stakeholders. You will work to further enhance and develop the BluePrints for change created by our Spring Fellows and continue to connect with stakeholders passionate about the same issues as you collectively work towards implementing these changes. Join us this summer to learn how to make this world a more equitable place.

Shape this changing world with us

Miss Porter’s ChangeMaker’s Institute will bring together passionate, driven young women (15-18 years old ) from around the world.  Together, through an engaging and challenging Fellowship experience, talented young women will work together to identify a shared vision for a better future. Over 12 weeks, Fellows will explore their own lives and beliefs about what they want to make possible. They will work to connect with global experts and each other to gain clarity on how to make the ideal future they imagine reality and actively shape this changing world. 

Throughout the semester, 20 Fellows will work to tackle their shared goals by learning to reframe and reimagine the issues they are passionate about and determine the key priority levers that will enact lasting change. At the culmination of their time together, fellows will create an implementable blueprint for change and will have the opportunity to pitch the plan to peers, family members, alumnae, and invited guests. 


  • Develop a sense of shared purpose with other changemakers around the world
  • Gain clarity on the path forward to enacting the change you care most about 
  • Develop and sharpen changemaking skill sets
  • Connect with global changemakers 
  • Deepen understanding and familiarity with systems thinking and collective impact 
  • Learn the history and core drivers of social impact and changemaking

The Spring 2021 MPS Changemaker’s Fellowship

Date and Times

Start date:  February 20, 2021

End date: May 8, 2021

  • Weekly synchronous Zoom meetings on Saturdays from 9am-10:30am EDT (potential to shift time based on time zones of students participating)
  • Average of 3-4 hours of asynchronous work

Application Deadline: Closed

Curriculum Overview

Week 1 & 2: Defining a shared vision of the future 

  • Who am I? What do I care about?
  • How does my social conditioning impact my beliefs and priorities? 
  • What does the world need more of?  
  • What changes am I most passionate about?


Weeks 3 – 5: Discovery

  • Why does making this change matter? 
  • Whom else in the world do these issues matter to?
  • What is the history and who are the influencers of these issues? 
  • What assumptions do we hold?


Week 6: Developing clarity of vision 

  • What are we trying to change? 
  • What is the current reality?
  • What are our priorities?


Week 7 – 9: Developing clarity for action 

  • Does my vision align with significant stakeholders? With the communities most impacted? 
  • Who will be the most significant actors required to make real change? 
  • What are our measurable outcomes of success? What do we know about the related costs?


Week 10: Building the Blueprint 

  • What is a blueprint?
  • How does having a blueprint enable change?


Week 11:  Present Blueprints 

  • Share blueprints from teams 
  • Create one shared blueprint 


Week 12: Unveiling Ceremony

  • Celebrate learning and work
  • Pitch blueprint to a larger audience of peers, family members, alumni, and invited guests.