FULL: Biology


Dates: June 28th to August 9th

Synchronous Course Meetings: Monday to Friday 11:30am to 1:30pm EST

Instructor: Sarah Tierney

Grade Level: All

*For credit to replace year-long Biology course

Course Description:

Biology is the exciting study of life and the interaction between organisms! This course will be centered around four major themes: Structure and Function, Chemical Processes, Heredity and Evolution. Students will start by focusing on the smallest structures essential for life, and then will build up to investigate how species develop and change over time through their interactions with other organisms and their environment. Topics to be explored include biochemistry, cell biology, DNA, protein synthesis, genetics, evolution, and ecology. Students will develop skills around the scientific process, conducting controlled experiments, and analyzing and presenting data and conclusions. Students will complete both virtual and synchronous labs and activities throughout the term. 


Students should expect to purchase basic lab supplies (~$50) as per the instructor.