The Power of Water

Dates: June 28th to July 19th

Synchronous Course Meetings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 2:00pm to 3:30pm EST

Instructor: Sarah Tierney

Grade Level: All


Course Description:

This course is designed to give students a chance to study stream ecosystems and their environmental issues as we consider environmental change from both a global and local level and the important role water plays in our lives and the global community. Students will have the opportunity to dive in freshwater ecology topics: drinking water, water laws and policies and  then study their own watershed. Students will explore the environmental issues associated with water management with a lens toward developing solutions to these different ecological challenges. Connections across art and science will highlight a water issue through original works completed by students. The class will be student-centered, focusing on citizen science opportunities, and project-based learning. 

Essential Questions Include:

  • How are watersheds used as a resource and what factors influence our watersheds? 
  • What major conflicts and proposed solutions are there in regards to how water is managed? 
  • What current events and case studies have occured in our history in regards to water law and management?