Write About It! Expressing Yourself through Creative Writing


Dates: July 19th to August 6th

Synchronous Course Meetings:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00am to 10:30am EST

Instructor: Melissa Schomers 

Grade Level: All

Course Description:

In this personalized and active course, students will learn to find their voice in narrative and how to express that voice in a compelling way to an audience. Students will spend the course reading, writing and revising, both individually and in peer groups. Through reading novels and a plethora of short stories, poems, and essays students will then move through their own writing as they produce short stories, essays, book chapters or poems. As a culminating activity, students will create a blog/online publishing platform where they can both archive their work and display it publicly. 

Essential Questions include:

  • Why are we storytellers? 
  • Why do we rely on story/narrative to communicate the human condition?
  • How do stories connect and ask us to see the humanity in others?